String Doctor Lacrosse

Ethan Puckett, one of ZLAX’s U12 coaches, is offering his stick-stringing services to members of the greater Indianapolis lacrosse community under the name String Doctor Lacrosse.

He’s been stringing sticks since his high school lacrosse days and has done it for a handful of his ZLAX players recently! String Doctor will coordinate the drop-off and pickup of equipment/materials and, unlike other options, will work with your player after the fact to ensure that any necessary stringing adjustments are completed.

To submit a stringing request with String Doctor Lacrosse, complete the following form. Please note that you must provide all necessary stringing materials. If you’ve not yet purchased your mesh and strings, here is a resource to review that may be helpful.

The cost of stringing services is $30 per head. Payment can be made via cash, check, Venmo, or PayPal and will be due at time of equipment pickup.