About Us
We're passionate about building community around Indiana lacrosse
The primary goal of McFly Lacrosse is to help develop enthusiastic, confident, and skilled lacrosse players who feel a sense of community with other local lacrosse players whenever they take the field.
Community Driven
We believe that lacrosse thrives when it's community driven, where every player, coach, and supporter contributes to the collective growth and spirit of the game.
Hoosier Focused
We are dedicated to fostering the growth and presence of lacrosse in Indiana, as well as the development of the sport at the local level.
Slightly Obsessed
Our obsession fuels our relentless passion for the sport and our commitment to the advancement & enjoyment for all involved.
All Players Welcome
Embracing All. Excelling Together.
Our focus is on creating a fun and low-pressure environment that encourages growth and development both on and off the field.
Always Laxin
Meet the Lacrosse Dads who Founded mcfly Lacrosse!
McFly Lacrosse is a collaboration between Matt McIntyre and Justin Flynn who are neighbors in Zionsville, both graduated from Butler University, and are also slightly lacrosse-obsessed.

Their efforts are focused around one simple mission: creating more community around the sport of lacrosse in the state of Indiana.
Matt McIntyre
Co-Founder & Full-Time Lax Dad
Justin Flynn
Co-Founder & Full-Time Lax Dad