Elevate Sports

Elevate Sports was created from passion for lacrosse with a mission to help build you into a better player.

McFly Lacrosse has teamed up with Elevate Sports to provide 5% off all lacrosse training equipment found at elevatesportsequipment.com. Create the most game-like simulations as possible during practice to help improve game day performance.

Simulate Game Day Shooting with the 11th Man Goalie

  • Mimics the true shape and angle a goalie plays on
  • Rejects anything but the best, giving instant feedback on all shots
  • Trains players to easily identify the ideal shot placement promoting overhand shots up the pipes

Accelerate Skill Development with the 11th Man Defender

  • Trains players how to safely shoot screen shots, one of the most used skills in the game
  • Master doges, hitches, cuts, and picks without needing extra defenders
  • Make practice more engaging leading to increased focus and excitement for training

Reach any goal you have, whether it’s scoring your first goal, making the A team or becoming a professional athlete someday, there’s nothing quite like putting in the work and seeing it pay off in the end.

Use “MCFLYFIVE” at checkout to save 5%